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Impeachment....trial....justice.     Jack Reich on Friday, March 6, 2009:

All right, we didn't get W. to impeachment.  Clinton, yes, for fooling around, and then came this gang of thugs and thieves and traitors. And they got off scot free after 8 years of raping and pillaging our traditions, our economy, our freedoms, our American good sense.  But why have they not been held to account?  Kinda boggles the mind, doesn't it?

Now here's former Los Angeles prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, who has sent his book on trying George W.  for first-degree murder to every county D.A. and state's attorney in the country.  All we need is ONE with the courage to indict.  They ran an illegal war.  They lied to the people in order to wage it.  They cost thousands of Americans their lives, and tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, bankrupted this country and devastated that one.   Seeking justice for such crimes is NOT 'looking backwards'!  It is the BEGINNING of repair, the commencing of healing.

Visit the site < >.  Do your own investigation.  Research it.  Due diligence.  Then add your voice. Together, we will be an unquenchable chorus calling for justice!  The time has come.  < >  Do it!

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