Reflections of a Humanist


Balancing the negatives....

DeKalb, IL....Sunday February 28, 2010....A friend suggested that in nature there are always positives to balance the negatives...maybe the CO2 we're producing isn't ALL bad.

     Always positives balancing the negatives?  I think not.  Biologists agree that we are now in the midst of what they are calling the 6th great extinction - the disappearance of many species at a rate not seen for millennia.  This is almost entirely due to human activity.  There is nothing "balancing" it.

     "White" people invaded this continent a few centuries ago, cut down forests, slaughtered virtually all the bison, decimated the natives - what balanced that? 

     Or perhaps you simply mean that for all of nature's "negative" extremes, there is a natural positive balancing.  Well, that might be so.  But again, we humans have interacted with the environment in ways never before seen, and certainly in ways nature has little defense against.

     I tell you what, though: i stand with you in terms of changing our government's spending priorities!  What do you say we stop GIVING HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS to bankers and executives whose GOAL is to bleed us dry, to selfishly amass as much money as they can, and the masses be damned!? 

     What do you say we stop spending billions monthly on wars and preparations for wars - these have all been, without exception, wars of choice - and put the money instead into making our country a paradise for its people, instead of making other countries a hell for theirs?

     What do you say we acknowledge that ordinary people in our country have a RIGHT to decent health care BEFORE private insurance companies have a right to overcharge us for protection they then find as many ways as they can to NOT deliver?

     And if there's doubt - an open question - about WHETHER OR NOT human activity may be about to DOOM THE PLANET to the gradual extinction of life as we know it, why don't we spend some of the money we save - by NOT enriching bankers and bombing helpless populations - on rearranging our common life so that we perhaps protect our planet, rather than ravaging it?  If we err about global warming, but act as if it were true - no harm done, that i see - other than, as you said the other day, cleaning up pollution, making the air clearer and sweeter.  But if we're NOT wrong....we will have the thanks of all the generations to follow us for allowing follow us.

     Just a thought.          :^J